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851. Cherry, C: Pulses and Transients in Communication Circuits.

London: 1949. 317 torn d.w. An introduction to network transient analysis for television and radar engineers. g. 12.00

9146. Decibel: Wireless Terms Explained being a reprint in book form of a series of articles which appeared in World Radio under the title "A Wireless Alphabet"

London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons second edition 1942. 74 pp. diagrams, blue boards, relatively faded. In good condition. 6.00

16850. Leigh-Bennett, E. P.: A City of Sound.

London Radio House: The Marconiphone Company Limited, 1933. 43 pp. 24 x 15.5 cm. The story of early radio. Frontispiece mounted portrait of Marconi. Yapp binding in grey bevelled boards with a pasted label on the front board. Hand-made paper and rough-cut pages. In very good condition. 18.00

583. London Electric Wire Company: Catalogue, Lewco's Radio Products 1930 - 1931.

London: 1930. Pp. 67 paper covers v.g. 18.00

4183. Margrave, Seton. editor: Meet the Film Stars 1934 1935.

London Associated Newspapers n.d. c. 1935. 27.5 by 20 pagination but c.200 pp. Illustrated with photographs of each star stills from the films and biographical, career details. Photos tinted sepia, blue, green and coloured. In very good fresh condition with only minimal rubbing to part of the edges of the rear board. Norma Shearer is illustrated on the front cover. 30.00

12238. Motion Picture Classic: Motion Picture Classic.

New York: Motion Picture Magazine Vol XI November 1920 No. 3. 106 pp. illustrated, resewn, no spinestrip, colourful cover, a painting of Louise Glaum by Leo Sielke. Articles on all aspects of current cinema. Silent film era magazines are now fairly scarce. In very good condition. 45.00

4288. Noble, Peter. editor: Picture Parade Films and Stars of the Year.

London, Burke publishing Co. 1949. 24 by 18 cms. pp.160, illustrated in monochrome and colour, in good condition, no d.w. 10.00

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