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11484. Attram, Martha: Womb of Half-Fogged Mirrors notes in lieu of communication by "Martha Attram".

Downpatrick: Dissident Editions, 1997. iv + 64 + ii pp. 21 x 15 cm. The "notes" were "collected and edited by her son" (the poet, Anthony Weir). One page of examples of these notes. Silver card covers, printed black. Almost mint. "These notes in lieu of communication by an 89 year old woman with short term memory loss lie somewhere between "The Diaries of Adrian Mole" and Beckett's "Trilogy". They are a fascinating insight into a mind vaguely aware that it is no longer what it was." 10.00

1296. Elliot, R.S.P. and Hickie, J.: Ulster: A Case Study in Conflict Theory

London: 1971 189 pp. d.w. v.g. 10.00

15039. Ellis, Havelock: Studies in the Psychology of Sex. Vol V. Erotic Symbolism The Mechanism of Detumescence The Psycic State in Pregnancy.

Philadelphia: F.A. Davis, 1929. x+285 pp. hardback, boards a little worn, a fair copy only. Allan Seaton signature on ffep 12.00

15040. Ellis, Havelock: Studies in the Psychology of Sex. Vol VI. Sex in Relation to Society.

Philadelphia: F.A. Davis, 1929. xvi+656 pp. hardback, boards a little worn, a fair copy only. Allan Seaton signature on ffep 12.00

14069. Ellis, Havelock: Studies in the Psychology of Sex. Vol I. The Evolution of Modesty, the Phenomena of Sexual Periodicy and Auto-Eroticism.

Philadelphia: F.A. Davis, 1929. Third edition, revised and enlarge. dxv+352 pp. hardback, boards worn, edgerubbed, a poor/fair copy only. This volume was first published in 1899. Allan Seaton signature on ffep 12.00

17497. Godwin, Malcolm: The Lucid Dreamer A Waking Guide for the Traveller between Two Worlds.

Shaftesbury, Dorset: Element Books Ltd, 1995. First edition. 256 pp. 24.5 x 20 cm. "Nearly 200 full color and black-and-white intriguing and diverse illustrations". Gold-blocked purple boards, in very good condition, in a good dw. 14.00

9560. Hanaghan, Jonathan: Society, Evolution & Revelation An Original Insight into Man's Creation.

Monkstown, Dublin: The Runa Press, 1957. 224 pp. Gold-blocked blue boards, in a dustwrapper. In very good condition apart from a slightly worn dustwrapper. This was the first use of the Runa Pressmark. Hanaghan founded the I.P.A..A. the Irish Psycho-Analytical Association. He was sent to Ireland by Freud's friend and biographer Ernest Jones, and drew high praise from Anna Freud. He developed an unortodox and charismatic radical Christianity with a profound link between Freud and Jesus. He published with the Runa Press but not in the academic press, and held Saturday lectures on Psychology and the New Testament etc. at his house in Monkstown. Contents include Evolution and the Fall of Man, the Need of the Beloved Community, Man's Divine Purpose on Earth, the Tragedy of European Civilisation, Creative Love, the Psychological Basis of Religious Experience, and others. 35.00

7832. Lorand, Sandor, editor: Psychoanalysis Today.

New York: International University Press second printing 1945. xvi+404 pp. hardback, some 31 articles on all aspects of the subject, by contemporary practitioners. 10.00

14206. Newman, Horatio Hackett: Twins and Supertwins A Popular and Scientific Account of the causes, frequency, heredity, intelligence, psychology and affinity of Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets and Quintuplets.

London: Hutchinson's Scientific and Technical Publications 1942. Advancement of Science Series No. 1. 164 pp. hardback, illustrated with 19 photographs, good in a dusty dustwrapper. Printed on wartime economy paper. 15.00

15702. Perry, W. J.: The Primordial Ocean An Introductory Contribution to Social Psychology.

London: Methuen & Co., 1935. First edition. 380 pp. 22 x 14.5 cm. Gold-blocked green boards, no dustwrapper. Slightly bowed, otherwise clean, tight copy. 10.00

19647. Price, Harry: Search for Truth My Life for Psychical Research.

London: Collins 1942. 22 x 14.5 cm. 320 pp. 20 illustrations, gold blocked blue boards, in a shelf worn dustwrapper, in fair to good- condition. 20.00

9828. Rose, Steven: The Making of Memory From Molecules to Mind.

London: Bantam Press 1992. 355 pp. in a dustwrapper, in very good condition almost as new. Breaking the memory code in the brain has been his work and obsession for the past 30 years as an experimental and theoretical neuroscientist. 6.00

14762. Saint-Yves, Leonard de: Selected Writings of De Sade.

London: Peter Owen Limited, 1953. "This second edition is limited to 1000 copies". 306 pp. 22.5 x 14 cm. A work of reference with extracts both from famous and less well known works. Gold-and-red-blocked blue boards, in a price-clipped worn dustwrapper. 20.00

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