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9574. A. Guthrie & Sons: Photographic View Album Ardrossan and District.

Ardrossan: A. Guthrie & Sons n.d. c.1900. 17 by 22.5 cms. 16 pp. paper covers. An album of 16 photographs of Ardrossan and Saltcoats. Guthrie was based at 64 Princes street Ardrossan. The photographs are by Valentine & Sons Dundee. They are, Ardrossan, - The Crescent, Glasgow street, Castle Arch and South Beach, From Cannon Hill, North beach, Arran Place, South Crescent, Princes street. Saltcoats,- East end, Windmill street from the harbour, Winton circus, Quay street, Raise street, Saltcoats from harbour, Hamilton street, West end. The front cover is dusty with a small repaired tear in top left corner otherwise good. A scarce item of local ephemera. 25.00

16422. Abberley, John: Salute to the Potters Over a Century in Pictures.

Stoke-on-Trent: Staffordshire Sentinal Newspapers, c2010. 144 pp. 24.5 x 18.5 cm. Approximately 170 photographs of the 20th century potteries. Pictorial glazed card covers. In very good condition, almost as new. 10.00

15440. Albumen Photographic Prints: Albumen Photographic Prints, Gibraltar.

Gibraltar: c1867. Two albumen photographic prints of Gibraltar, 16 x 21 cm. A card with a print mounted on each side: "Alamera & new Mole Gibralter" and "Spanish Lines from Gibraltar". No photographer identified, but clearly a professional. Apparently the album from which the prints were taken was dated 1867. In very good fresh condition. 45.00

12576. Albumen Photographic Prints: Albumen Photographic Prints, Malta and Rome.

Malta: c1867. Three albumen photographic prints of Malta, and one of Rome. 19 by 25.5 cm. Two cards with a print mounted on each side. The first pair of prints is a view of the entrance to the Grand Harbour (Barriera Wharf Valetta), and on the reverse of the card is a view of the Auberge de Castille. The second pair of prints is Nin Moringare, Valetta, and on the reverse of that card is the Piazza del Popolo in Rome, vista del Pincio, with a printed title and no. 6699. Handwritten titles only to the Malta views. No photographer identified, but clearly a professional. The two harbour views are full of interest, one with a dozen sailing ships at anchor alongside quayside wharves. Apparently the album from which the prints were taken was dated 1867. In very good fresh condition. 95.00

13251. Albumen Photographic Prints: Photographs: A collection of 15 Albumen photographs of the 1880 Ober Ammergau Passion Play, and 17 others.

Ober Ammergau: 1880. These prints, 20 x 27 cm, are albumen prints: 14 mounted on card, and one mounted on paper. At some time they have been removed from an album. 2 of the Passion Play scenes are mounted back to back on a single card, the others are backed by other photographs. Scenes from Ober Ammergau illustrated include a view across the valley to Ober Ammergau, a portrait of Joseph Maier the Deliniator of Christ 1880 at Ober Ammergau, (size 13.5 by 9.5 cm), Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden, Act 2 The Adoration of The Cross, Act 3 Christ's entry into Jerusalem, Act 4 The Seven Virgins, Act 5 Vashti and Esther, Act 6 Christ at the Mount of Olives, Act 7 The Rain of Manna in the Wilderness, Act 8 The Sacrament of The Lord's Supper, Act 9 Joseph sold by his Brethren, Act 10 Christ Sentenced to Death, Act 11 The Brazen Serpent and Christ Carrying His Cross, Act 16 The Crucifixion, Act 18 The Ascension. There are 19 other photographs mounted to the rear of the Passion play prints Two are superb prints, (21 by 16cm.), of a town gate Burgos, and Burgos Cathedral. Ten are copies of bullfighting prints of Madrid, (5.5 x 8 cm and 18 x 25.5 cm.), five are photograhic copies of other prints, (c.22 18 cm.). Some have the embossed mark of Pilotv & Loehle, Munchen. Most of the prints have a large copperplate description on the bottom of the card. The 1880 stage was demolished and rebuilt for the next Passion Play, so these are fascinating records of the event 130 years ago. The 1880 play was the first to draw large numbers of foreign tourists. The costumes were made by the Munich Court Theatre. No doubt further research would identify the photographer. The discipline of standing motionless long enough for a phograph to be taken is amazing. A nice collection of scarce photographs in very good condition. 250.00

13244. anon.: Photograph Album.

United States Sept. - Dec. 1935. 34 pp. 25.5 x 32.5 cm. Tissue guards are mostly detached, but present. Heavily embossed and gilt boards. Apparently a trip by three people, possibly father, daughter, (Cissie), and an American relative, brother (?), from the north of Ireland to the US from October to December 1935. Containing 102 monochrome photographs of a car trip through the western United States: Kansas City, Kansas State, Colorado, Arkansas, Rockies, Utah, Nevada, California, San Francisco, Pacific Coast, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, New York. "On board the Caledonia" and "On board The Duchess of Richmond". "Island north of Donegal", and four photographs in the north of Ireland: "in the Demesne", and "shops". These are dated 27 September 1935. The ship to the States was the Duchess of Richmond, October 4th. The return on the Caledonia was December 5th 1935. The photographs are from Kansas City west to California and back to Kansas City, and then to New York for the journey home. Although photographs are mostly detailed in pencil on the back no surname is given. There are photos of Uncle Ike's Post Office, Mrs Lynch's cabin, and Matt's cabin, so it is possible they were visiting relatives. The American photos are Elko with a stylised greek key type border round the image. We think these ships sailed from Liverpool, and these people travelled first class as can be seen by one of the ship photographs. More research needed. 150.00

13117. Bell, Jonathan and Watson, Mervyn: Farming in Ulster Historic photographs of Ulster farming and food.

Belfast: Friars Bush Press, 1988. 82pp. 18 x 21.5 cm. Photographs from the collection of the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum. Pictorial glazed card covers. In very good condition. 10.00

8879. Buselle, Michael: The Manual of Male Photography.

New York Simon & Schuster 1985. Location, outdoor and indoor, lighting and equipment, special effects. 26 by 19 cms. 191 pp. illustrated, softback, in very good condition. 10.00

7994. Butcher's: British Cameras and How to Use Them.

Butcher's, 1923. ii + xxxii + 176 + ii pp. 18 x 10.5 cm. There are two pages of advertisements, followed by 32 pages: "Photography by Simple Methods - Written & Illustrated by Harold G Grainger, Author of 'Photography in the Home' - with a Price List of British Made Cameras and Accessories". This covers everything you needed to know about cameras, film, and developing. and is illustrated with plates and diagrams. The next 176 pages is "Butcher's British Carbine Cameo, Klimax & Pressman Cameras and Other Photographic Apparatus 1923. This illustrates and describes lenses, shutters, 30 cameras - including 2 Kinematogragh cameras, 8 enlargers, easels, lamps, condensers, albums, frames, mounts, backcloths, negative boxes, chemicals, instruments, protective clothing, tanks, drainers, clocks, thermometers, dishes, lamps, meters, flashes, filters, measures, frames, trimmers, retouching equipment, scales, timers, squeegees, tripods, unipods, levels, view finders, plate washers, print washers, plates, film, papers, postcards, home projector (illustrated), and lanterns, with dozens of further illustrations and diagrams. The calalogue has an index, and is followed by two further pages of advertisements. At page 33 a 4-page leaflet advertising the "Little Nipper"camera and developing and printing outfit, and postcard printer is tipped in. There are further advertisements on the inside of the front and back card covers. The outside back cover is printed with a coloured advertisement for Carbine Film. The coloured front cover carries a picture of a child using a very large Pressman Camera, and a panel in which is printed "John Bell, Camera Specialist, 10 Lower Garfield Street, Royal Avenue, Belfast". 95.00

9311. Cooper, Thompson. Whitefield, George C. and Lock,: Men of Mark A Gallery of Contemporary Portraits of Men Distinguished in the Senate, The Church, in Science, Literature and Art, the Army, Navy, Law, Medicine, etc.

London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, and Rivington 1876. 27.5 by 21.5 cm. 36 pages of text and 37 portraits, photographed from life by Lock and Whitefield, using the Woodbury Process, with brief biographical notices by Thompson Cooper, F.S.A. Portraits are oval, some 11 by 9 cms. mounted on heavy paper/card surrounded, by a light, printed oval border and title, include, The Prince of Wales, Captain Richard Burton, Spencer Walpole, Lord Lytton, Samuel Plimsoll, Sir Garnet Wolseley, Lord Talbot de Malahide, Froude, Millais, Pere Hyacinthe, the Earl of Shaftesbury, John Bright, The Duke of Abercorn, W.H. Russell, The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, Bishops of London, Winchester, Gloucester and Bristol, Lord Chelmsford, and others. Dark green bevelled boards, front board has a highly decorative 3cm. gilt stamped border edged with black stamped lines, framing an ornate title, spine similarly decorative in gilt and black, rear board has attractive blind stamped decorative panel, all edges gilt, text pages have a rectangular decorative printed vignette preceeding the start of the text, some very light fading of spine otherwise in very good fresh condition. This was published in parts, to form an illustrated biography, each number containing three portraits and costing one shilling and sixpence. Photographs were specially taken and were not otherwise generally obtainable. In this volume text precedes portraits. A very handsome volume and an early attempt to produce high quality commercial photographs for book illustration. Complete list of portraits available on request. True to period and title, all portraits are male. 145.00

8988. Deller, G. H.: Telephoto Work.

London: Published for the Photogram Co. Ltd by Dawburn & Ward 1904. With chapters on the Adon lens by H. Wild and on a home-made telephoto lens by H. M. Hames. 63+16 pp. illustrated, in very good condition. " The photographer has only had the assistance of the telephoto lens for the last 10 years or so and his use of it for ordinary purposes is more recent still." very scarce. 65.00

14586. Down County Museum: Inside Story The Photographs of Thomas Gribben of Loughinisland Down Survey 2010.

Downpatrick: Down County Museum, 2010. Yearbook of Down County Museum. Brian S. Turner, editor. 96 pp. 20 x 21 cm. A splendid collection of photographs by a local photographer. Pictorial card covers. In very good condition. 12.00

10054. Flicker Productions Ltd.: Golf Bobby Jones "Flicker" No 11b Brassie and Iron.

London: Flicker Productions Ltd. 113b Earls Court Road. no date. c.1920's. 7.5 by 5 cms. no pagination, c. 50pp. double sided photographs of Bobby More's Golf swings which when flicked show the movement. A similar principle was used in very early cinematography. Red brown covers, stapled together. Condition is good a little wear and rubbing to covers and edges, and the staple is rusty but tight, no discolouration, spine missing. There are 20 titles listed on the final page, on golf, tennis, cricket, lacrosse, swimming hockey, greyhound racing, etc.Copyright was reserved by Harrods which perhaps suggests an expensive item to start with. Frequent usage, especially outdoors would not enhance their chances of survival. This one is in good albeit used condition 200.00

10053. Flicker Productions Ltd.: Golf Bobby Jones "Flicker" No 11c Out the Rough and Putt.

London: Flicker Productions Ltd. 113b Earls Court Road. no date. c.1920's. 7.5 by 5 cms. no pagination, c. 50pp. double sided photographs of Bobby More's Golf swings which when flicked show the movement. A similar principle was used in very early cinematography. Red brown covers, stapled together. Condition is very good, a little wear to covers, and the staple is rusty but tight, no discolouration. There are 20 titles listed on the final page, on golf, tennis, cricket, lacrosse, swimming hockey, greyhound racing, etc.Copywright was reserved by Harrods which perhaps suggests an expensive item to start with. Frequent usage, especially outdoors would not enhance their chances of survival. This one is in very good condition 220.00

10777. Frecot, Janos: Berlin 1870 - 1910.

Munchen und Luzern: Photogalerie Bucher 1981. 33.5 by 24.5 cms. 43 pp. + 54 plates. A high quality book of photographs of Berlin between 1870 and 1910. The massive destruction of so much of the city in the second world war makes such photographs a poignant reminder of what once was. Text in German. 15.00

8917. Kissane, Noel: Ex Camera 1860-1960. Photographs From the Collections of The National library of Ireland.

Dublin: National Library of Ireland 1990. 22 by 21.5 cms. 96 pp. illustrated, softback, in very good condition. 12.00

11713. Leeds University Swimming Club: Leeds University Swimming Club 1924-25.

Leeds: 1925. A mounted monochrome photograph of the 11 men of the Leeds University Swimming Club 1924-25. No photographer named. The team is R.C. Sutcliffe, L.R. Godfrey, C.E.D. Nicholls, J.R. Russell, J.H. O'Donnell, D.R. Riddel, T.E. Kenny, R.H. Morley, E.G. Williams, E.S.C. Nicholls and E.Tolson. Slightly dusty otherwise in very good condition. 25.00

18728. Maguire, W. A: A Century in Focus Photography and Photographers in the North of Ireland 1839-1939.

Belfast: Blackstaff Press, 2000. xii + 172 pp. 28 x 22.5 cm. 130 illustrations. Gold-blocked black boards. In very good condition, in a vg dustwrapper. Almost as new. A comprehensive list of all known photographers and studios is included. Bibliography. Index. 20.00

13014. Monkhouse, W. Cosmo: Masterpieces of English art with sketches of some of the most celebrated painters of the English School from the time of Hogarth to the present day.

London: Bell and Daldy. 1869. 28 by 22 cms. viii+168 pp. illustrated with twenty-six photographs. The photographs are contemporary albumen prints mounted to a border printed page. Artists include, Hogarth, Wilson, Gainsborough, Reynolds, Morland, Copley, Harlow, West, Lawrence, Stothard, Newton, Constable, Wilkie, Calcott, Haydon, Collins, Etty, Turner, Martin, Leslie, Egg, Mulready, Roberts, Eastlake, Stanfield, Phillip. In dark blue sandgrain cloth bevelled boards, with a gilt vignette, within a black and gilt stamped design to front board. rear board blind stamped, the spine is a modern replacement six panelled with gilt decorative panels and title to blend with the boards. A.e.g. Internally tight and clean. Decorative head and tail pieces and decorated capitals,a few pages have some marginal edgewear which does not affect text or pictures. The mounted photographs are interleaved with an essay on each artist and their work. This is the first edition, another was published in 1874. Overall in very good condition. These are 142 year old photographs. Scarce, Copac only shows fewer than six copies in the U.K. 240.00

8781. Photochrom Co. Ltd. London: Photographic Series Album Views North Wales. Part I.

London: Photochrom Co. Ltd. n.d. c.1900 22 by 30.5 cms. 14 pp. photographs of Llandudno, Conway castle, Colwyn Bay, Bettws-y-Coed, Aberglaslyn pass, Penmaenmawr, Sychant pass, Bangor Cathedral, Menai bridge, Carnarvon castle, Snowdon, Llanberis pass, Rhyl, and others. Dark green boards with gilt title and decorative floral border. In very good condition, covers very bright and fresh, a lovely copy. 18.00

8954. Photograph Album.: Kodak London Photographic Album.

no date c.1900/1910. A Photograph Album 26 by 22.5 cms. blue boards, gilt title. a.e.g. Containing 95 sepia photographs with two to a page. (The 96th photo on the final page is missing.) No names and only a couple of pencil titles of general places. A holiday album covering Egypt, as far as Aswan, (34 photos), Marseilles, (4) Meran, (14), Trieste, (8) Nerona, (4) Bozen, (4) Innsbruck, (18) and others. Good social scenes in Egypt, Luxor, Aswan, Philae, Akhmim, hotel interior with the family party, invalid carriages outside the baths in Meran, the bandstand with band, good view in harbour and street scenes in Trieste, as well as Nerona, one lovely photo of an Austrian steam locomotive. Condition very good a little spotting to the pages but not affecting photos 550.00

11712. Photographs.: Provincial Training College Meiktila: Law Courts Rangoon.

Burma Mandalay: Maung Pu Photographer 32nd Street. 1927, Rangoon: 1932. Four mounted monochrome photographs, bounded by an embossed raised border on heavy board 35.5 x 45 cm. "Provincial Training College Meiktila", "Probationers "A" Team 1927", "Probationers "B" Team 1927", Interpreters New Law Courts Building Rangoon 1932. The first shows the 83 students and staff, six European, all named, in formal pose, in 4 rows, in front of a large verandah of a two story wooden building. Two photos are of the two soccer teams with staff, two Europeans in the "B" team photo and four in the "A" team, in front of the same building, and the fourth, by a different photographer, is of the 10 interpreters in a formal interior pose seated and standing, one European. We assume the College is a Civil Service Training College. Mr Morley appears in all four photos, as staff, as a player in both teams, and as the main interpreter in Rangoon. Photographs from the last decades of the Indian Empire, in Burma, now Myanmar. Meiktila is in the hills to the south of Mandalay. In very good condition. More details on request. 100.00

8790. Rock bros London.: Eighty Fine Art Photographs Bath and District.

Rock Bros London n.d. c.1900 28.5 by 22 cms. 36 pp. Red boards with gilt title and decoration. Wear to spine and corners, some old top corner water staining to some pages, otherwise in fair/good condition. 18.00

9665. Royal Air Force: Portrait Album.

Royal Air Force A collection of twenty photographic prints, mounted in a much older photographic album. The portraits are 20 x 16.5 cm, unless stated, and are mostly of airmen standing with one foot on the wing and one foot on the jet cowling of identifiable jet aircraft. One print (21 x 29 cm) is of twenty or so jets lined up side by side on an airstrip. Readily-identifiable numbers include 51, 50, 42, 56, 7, 16, 4, 58, 2 and 12. The following print (16 x 21) is of a formal group of fourteen airmen. The following portraits are: Pete, 'Jacko' Jackson 110 Sqn, Changi (standing on 58); Tony Cook 57 Sqn, Marham (standing on 10); Alan Webb 139 Sqn, Wittering (standing on 49); Angus Morris (standing on 50); 'Sig' Stevenson (standing on 61); Paul Martin (standing on 12); Mick Cockrill (standing on 49); Mike Barnes (standing on 10); Dave Hodgkinson 210 Sqn (standing on 56); Trevor Jackson (standing on 50); Jimmy Uprichard (standing on 58); Steve Harvey (standing on 12); Stoo Waring (standing on 12); Rick Peacock-Edwards (standing on 58); Keith Poulter (standing on 12); Bill Lee (standing on 50); Ed Viney (standing on 12); and (14 x 9 cm) Dai James (standing on 12). This last airman's helmet is numbered K83. There is slight discolouration to some of the prints. The album is 30 x 24 cm, half-leather, and the pages have been painted sky-blue. 150.00

17934. Russell, John: Paris with photographs by Brassai.

London: B.T. Batsford Limited, 1960. First edition. 264 pp. 22.5 x 15 cm. 42 full-page monochrome illustrations by Brassai, the great photographer of Paris. Gold-blocked green boards, in good condition, in an unclipped, but relatively worn/rubbed, dustwrapper. 12.00

7408. Steinhauser, J.: The Miniature Camera at Work.

Dresden: Elbe-Verlag Werner Lehmann 1938. 111 pp. illustrated, hardback. Covers the Contax series of cameras, Super nettel, NettaxContax I, II and III, and Contaflex. Spine light faded otherwise In very good condition. 25.00

7405. Tennant, John A. editor: The Photo-Miniature A Monthly Magazine of Photographic Information Genre Photography.

New York and London: Tennant and Ward Vol. IV. No. 42. September 1902 20.5 by 12.5 cms.pp. 254-300+advertising pages. paper covers, apart from some rubbing and wear to spine, in very good condition. Each issue of the magazine, from its inception in 1899, cover a single aspect of the subject, this issue being on genre photography. A useful series where nowadays the advertisments are particularly evocative 10.00

12898. Tourist Office of the City of Cologne: Cologne Photographed in Colour.

Cologne: Tourist Office of the City of Cologne, 1965. 64 pp. 24 x 26.5 cm. Matt card covers. Stunning colour photographs of Cologne by von Chargesheimer (21), Cornelius (24), and Baumann (15). Text in seven languages. Slight shelf wear, o/w good condition. 19.50

18189. Ulster Museum: A list of the photographs in the R.J. Welch Collection in the Ulster Museum - Volume 2 Botany, Geology, and Zoology.

Belfast: Ulster Museum, 1983. 36pp. 29.5 x 21 cm. A very useful list.. 12.00

6885. Ulster Museum: A list of the photographs in the R.J. Welch Collection in the Ulster Museum - Volume 1 Topography and History.

Belfast: Ulster Museum, 1979. 110pp. 29.5 x 21 cm. This important list has maps showing the location of the photgraphs in each county. 12.00

11361. Wayne, George: Male Supermodels The Men of Boss Models Interviews by George Wayne.

New York: Boss Models 1996. 191 pp. illustrated, softcovers, the title page has been autographed by five models, Ben Arnold, Joel West, Jarl, Atesh and Christopher. In very good condition. "Boss models, the Agency that invented the male Supermodel now writes the book. Great photos. 18.00

11876. Wood, Helen Lanigan: Enniskillen Historic Images of an Island Town.

Belfast: Friar's Bush Press, 1990. 96 pp. 18 x 21.5 cm. Profusely illustrated. Pictorial glazed card covers, in very good condition. Historic photographs of the town. 10.00

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