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8252. 750 Motor Club Ltd.: Special Builders Guide for 1172 & 750 Formulae Constructions.

London: 750 Motor Club Ltd. 1960. 21 by 16.5 cms. 199 pp. diagrams, illustrations, paper covers. Covers fingered and rubbed, some spine wear, otherwise very good. A series of articles by various authors, from. c.1951. Section 1: 750cc. , Specials, Section 2: 1172cc., Engines, Chassis, Specials, Section 3 Bodybuilding, Electrics, Competition. Scarce. 55.00

8254. 750 Motor Club Ltd.: Special Builders Guide for 1172 & 750 Formulae Constructions.

London: 750 Motor Club Ltd., no date (pre-1960?). 187 pp. 21 x 16.5 cm. A series of articles by various authors, from c1951. Section 1: 750cc Specials. Section 3: Bodybuilding, Electrics, and Competition. Diagrams. Illustrations. A cyclostyled edition in card covers, probably pre-1960, when we have a printed edition (stock ref. 8252) . Unlike the later printed edition this has no Section 2. Scarce. 55.00

11826. Abbey, Staton: The Book of the Austin Twelve. A complete instruction book covering all models from 1927 to 1948 including Austin Taxis

London:Sir Isaac Pitman second edition reprinted 1952. A complete instruction book covering all models from 1927 to 1948 including Austin Taxis. Pitman's Motorists Library. 130 pp. Illustrated. Wear to covers and they are a bit dusty/grubby but internally reasonable, in card covers. 10.00

15676. Austin Motor Company: Handbook of the Austin "Twelve"

Birmingham: Austin Motor Company, 1937. Publication No.1426 D. 64 pp. 21.5 x 14 cm. Illustrated. Wear to covers and they are a bit dusty, but internally good, in card covers. Strip of paper torn off margin of title page, not affecting text. Notes written in pencil inside card covers 15.00

17296. Autobooks Ltd.: Motor Car Index 1918-1929.

Brighton: Autobooks Ltd., 1961. The 1961 reprint of the original publication of 1929 by Fletcher & Son Ltd. of Norwich. 211 pp. 23 x 17 cm. The leading dimensions of each model made by each company building cars in the period 1918-1929. Black matt-card covers, printed white. Front gutter split and previous owner's name neatly written on ffep, o/w in good condition. Marvellous research detail. 25.00

14049. Bristol Owners Club: Bristol Owners Club Bulletin 65 autumn 1983.

Bristol Owners Club 1983. 29.5 by 21 cms. 38 pp. illustrated, stapled at the top left corner, in very good condition. The Bristol car and its owner's club. 10.00

8264. British Leyland (Austin Morrris ) Limited.: 1300 G T Negative Earth Return Electrical System Handbook.

Birmingham 1971. Publication Part no AKD 7898 (2nd ed.) 21 by 15 cms. 64 pp.diagrams, card covers, some minor wear, initials on front cover, otherwise good. 5.00

11645. Cornwell, E. L.: Commercial Vehicles.

London: Ian Allan n.d. c.1962. Veteran & Vintage Series. 22 by 14 cms. 64 pp. illustrated, laminated boards, in very good condition, excellent photographs. 6.00

18848. Davidson, C.P.: M.G. Cars A Practical Guide to Maintenance and Repair Covering Models from 1934.

London: C. Arthur Pearson 1958. 19 x 12.5 cm. 195 pp. 119 illustrations, black blocked blue boards' in a good dustwrapper, overall in very good condition. Contains a loose insert, Application for renewal of licence 1957, unused. 11.50

8251. Ford Motor Company Ltd. Parts Division.: Parts List with Illustrations. 1932 / 1959.

Romford. 1959. 933 cc. & 1172cc. Cars. Popular 1932/37, De Luxe 1934/37, The Eight 1937/39, Popular 1953/59, The Ten 1937/39, Anglia 1939/53, Prefect 1939/53. 5 cwt. (1932/54) & 10 cwt Vans, (1938/57) 28 by 21.5 cms. 166 pp. 27 plates. Covers are rubbed and a bit fingered, internally clean, a useful work. 32.00

8256. Jelley, Harold: Motor Car Maintenance Overhaul and Repair.

London: The New Era Publishing Company. n.d. c. 1944/45. A practical up to date work on the maintenance, overhaul and repair of motor vehicle. Deals also with garage equipment. Two vols. 24.5 by 19 25 by 19 cms. Vol 1: viii+354 pp. Vol. 2: ix+318 pp. illustrated, brown boards. Some rubbing to boards but otherwise in very good condition. No publication date but since it is shown as book producton war economy standards we assume about 1944/45. 23.00

16223. Jowett Cars Limited.: Here She Comes! The New Jowett, The Car with Balanced Power.

Bradford: Jowett Cars Limited, 1936 The Jowett 8-HP "Flat Twin". 23 x 26 cm. A six-panel brochure, folding out to 68 x 52 cm. Minor wear, otherwise in very good condition. This was the last Jowett twin-cylinder car, introduced in 1936. Wonderfully large isometric view of the car. 45.00

11092. McLeod, W. W. (Verax): Motor Touring in Ulster First Series.

Belfast: Belfast Newsletter 1935. 188 pp. illustrated, maps, soft covers, minor wear otherwise in very good condition. Comprising a series of articles from the Belfast Newsletter describing tours in the Counties of Antrim, Down, Armagh and Londonderry. 23.00

11093. McLeod, W. W. (Verax): Motor Touring in Ulster Second Series.

Belfast: Belfast Newsletter 1936. 212 pp. illustrated, maps, soft covers, small areas at spine extremities missing, some spotting to front cover, rusty staples, minor wear otherwise in good minus condition. Comprising a series of articles from the Belfast Newsletter describing tours in the Counties of Antrim, Down, Armagh and Londonderry. 18.00

15134. Moore, John: Motor Makers in Ireland.

Belfast: Blackstaff Press, 1982, Lagan Books reprint, 1995. x +165 pp.23.5 x 18.5 cm. Illustrated with plates, advertisements and diagrams. This is the first comprehensive history of Ireland's contribution to the development of motor making. JB Ferguson's steam vehicle of 1902, the Chamber brothers' series of cars and vans, Belfast Vet. John Dunlop's invention of the pneumatic tyre, Crossle racing cars, the Nobel 200 bubble car, up to the notorious De Lorean episode. The author was Keeper of Transport at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. Rust from a rusted paper-clip on the ffep, o/w very good, in a v.g. dustwrapper. 15.00

6512. Morris Motors: Morris 1934.

Cowley: Morris Motors, 1st September 1934. 35 pp. 30.5 x 23 cm. Illustrated. Folding double page photograph of the latest model, Morris 25 Saloon, and at the rear a folding double page of principal dimensions and weights of Morris 1934 cars on one side, and on the other the Morris 1934 Coachwork colours. Photographs and details of all that year's models, The Big Sixes, the Morris Cowleys, the Morris Tens, and the Morris Minor. Distributed by WH Alexander, Belfast. Green card covers, silver border and crest in excellent clean fresh condition, a splendid vintage car item for Morris enthusiasts, and scarce. 100.00

12387. Morris Motors Limited: The Morris Quarter-Ton Van Operation Manual.

Oxford: Morris Motors Limited, c1955. Fourth Edition. 72 pp. 22 x 14 cm. Illustrated. Folding lubrication chart. Card covers, nearly mint. 15.00

15350. Morris Motors Limited Cowley Oxford: The Morris Cowley Car Manual.

Morris Motors Limited Cowley Oxford: 1930. 22 by 14.5 cms. 150+30 pp. illustrated, includes the folded oiling chart, a map or just between the index and list of dealers has been removed, as has page 85-86. Covers worn and grubby pencil notes on title page, endpapers, a poor fair copy only of this early manual. 20.00

16222. Morris Motors Ltd.: The Morris Eight Series E.

Oxford: Morris Motors Ltd., 1938. 22 x 28 cms. 24 pp. Forty illustrations, mostly in colour, including twelve coloured illustrations of complete cars. Matt card covers, printed red and silver on black. A beautifully illustrated brochure in very good condition. 55.00

12993. Newnes: Newnes Motor Repair and Overhauling Data Sheets.

London: Newnes, c1949. 23 by 16 cms. A workshop folder with two pockets containing folded data sheets on cars. There are 44 out of 45 as called for. There is a little fingering on the folder otherwise good. Sheets include, A.C. and Alvis, Allard and Armstrong-Siddeley, Austin 12/4, 14 and 16hp, Austin 10hp and 12/6, Austin A20, A125,A135, A70, and A90, Bristol, Br. Salmson, and Chevrolet, Citroen 12 and 15 hp, Daimler, Ford Prefect 10hp, Ford V Eight 30, Ford Eight, Hillman Minx, Hillman 14,16,and 20 hp, Healey, HRG and Hudson, Humber and Jaguar, Jowett and Lagonda, Lanchester and Lea-Francis, MG Midget, Morgan 4 4, etc, etc... The only sheet missing is no 5 the Austin Seven and Eight. 23.00

8309. Parkinson, T. H.: Diesel Maintenance Servicing the Modern Transport Diesel.

London: Iliffe & Sons Ltd Reprinted Aug. 1945. 17.5 by 11 cms iv+199+xxiii pp. illustrated. The front board has a small light stain and the dustwrapper is worn otherwise fair. 4.00

14740. Perkins Engines Ltd.: Handbook for the Perkin's Diesel Engine Four 99 Series.

Peterborough: Perkins Engines Ltd. Re-Issued March 1960. List no. 7270.63 pp. some annotation on a half title page and the rear endpaper, along with a word written on the cover, a fair copy. 5.00

3522. The Motor: The Motor Manual.

London Temple Press 23rd ed. 1920. 238 pp.illustrated and with folding diagram of the chassis of a 4 cylinder car, nice adverts, all about motors in simple language, some wear to covers otherwise v.g. 15.00

16085. The Motor: The Motor The National Motor Journal

London: The Motor, No.1818 Vol. LXX Oct 27, 1936. 96 pp. 29.5 x 21 cm. Amazing illustrations of the cars of the period. Articles include Open-and-Closed Coachwork at Olympia; Brooklands 1937; The Electric Petrol Gauge; Rene Dreyfus; The Race for the George Vandebilt Cup; etc, etc. Great advertisements. Pictorial paper covers a little dusty, and staples rusting, otherwise good. 20.00

15266. Tourist Information Centre: The Ulster Guide.

Belfast: Tourist Information Centre, c.1951. 224 pp. 18.5 x 12 cm. Foreword by Lord Brookeborough, Prime Minister. Profusely illustrated in colour and b&w. Two folding maps: Street Map of Belfast City Centre/ Belfast and Environs, 35 x 50 cm; and very nice coloured map of Northern Ireland, 35 x 50 cm, re-attached with sellotape. Pictorial card covers, in good condition. 15.00

10736. Tourist Information Centre: Ulster for The Motorist.

Belfast: Ulster Tourist Development Association 1939. 104 pp. illustrated, large folding map, maps, soft covers, part of the top corner rear cover torn off otherwise in very good condition. Very attractive, if dusty, decorative cover of a red sports car on an empty coastal road. 15.00

10691. Tourist Information Centre: Ulster Northern Ireland for The Motorist.

Belfast: Tourist Information Centre n.d. c.1930's 104 pp. illustrated, maps, soft covers, in very good condition, almost as new. Very attractive decorative cover of a car and motorcycle on an empty mountain road. 15.00

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